Tired of struggling with your
duvet cover?

Thirdsheet is the new, easy way to cover your duvet

We use beautiful, sustainable fabrics to make easy to change bed covers for luxury home and hospitality so that you never need to struggle with a duvet cover again. We work with other brands to develop custom Thirdsheets for their customers.

Discover an effortlessly beautiful bed

Our patented design is a modern approach to a traditional duvet cover. The Thirdsheet is a generously sized cover that drapes elegantly over your duvet insert. It works with your flat sheet to fully protect your duvet insert.

How Thirdsheet works

Thirdsheet has a pocket to protect the top of your duvet and two ties to hold it in place. When it's time for a wash, the Thirdsheet slips off your bed in seconds and is just as easy to put back on.

Sustainable fibers, ethical production

We are committed to making sure each Thirdsheet is made in a way that is respectful of the earth and artisans that create it. The fabrics and manufacturing partners we’ve chosen reflect our values.

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A clean bed for every guest

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Thirdsheet is an ethusiastic startup with big dreams. If you are a bedding brand, hospitality manager, innovater, designer, or bedmaker looking to collaborate or intrigued by what we are working on - reach out! We would love to hear your ideas.

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Thirdsheet bed covers have a pocket at the top that holds the top edge of your duvet insert. There are two ties that tie to the cornor loops of the duvet insert. The bottom corners are not attached but magically seem stay together.

Thirdsheet is optimized to work with the Thirdsheet duvet insert, however, it will still work great with most standard size duvet inserts.