About Us

Thirdsheet cares about people and the planet.

The fabrics and manufacturing partners we’ve chosen reflect our values.  Our fabrics carry certifications that require compliance with ecological and social standards. But we know that certifications alone don’t ensure a sustainable, ethical supply chain. 

Our commitments go further.

We commit to respect human rights, per our responsibility under the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

We will work to ensure that the women, workers, and farmers who grow our raw materials and who sew and assemble our products earn a living income.

We seek to minimize our climate footprint and assure that our production does not contaminate the earth. We will set a net zero emissions target, one that covers our greenhouse gas emissions from farm to end-of-life of a Thirdsheet.

Delivering on these sustainability commitments will take time. We are a small company, but we will use whatever leverage that we have to make progress. And we will report on that progress over time.  As a first step, we have started with carefully selected products from fabricators and producers who share these values.  


Our Story

Thirdsheet was founded by Alia Breon, a mom of three boys, vacation rental owner, and ER doctor who loves a clean, beautiful bed and is always looking for ways to make life a little simpler. Alia first experienced the need for Thirdsheet while cleaning beds in vacation rentals as her husband started the vacation rental company Vacasa. She wanted to give a clean bed to each guest but always struggled to change the duvet covers. She eventually mastered the art of triple sheeting but it always looked messy the next day.  

Years later, the idea for Thirdsheet was born. Alia spent months, huddled over a sewing machine on her bedroom floor stitching together king-size sheets to make the first Thirdsheet prototypes. It was while testing prototypes on her own bed that she realized that the Thirdsheet was not only perfect for her investment properties - it was also perfect her home.  As someone who loves cuddling in bed with her kids, dog, and coffee (and sometimes all of those at once), she appreciates being able to simply toss her Thirdsheet into the wash whenever she changed her sheets.

Alia launched Thirdsheet in 2021 with a goal that no one would ever get stuck inside a duvet cover again. She teamed up with experts from the luxury bedding industry and together, with a shared passion for sustainability and ethical production, they have created three beautiful Thirdsheets that will debut in the fall of 2021.

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