Everyone loves a clean bed but changing a duvet cover is a challenge for even the most experienced bed maker. Thirdsheet set off to design the worlds easiest to change, yet still stays in place, bed cover for home and hospitality.

This is how we do it:





At the core is a beautiful clean generously sized cover that will drape elegantly over your duvet insert.  There is a pocket to protect the top of your duvet insert and two ties to hold it in place. The Thirdsheet works with your flat sheet to fully protect your duvet insert and is designed to fit most existing duvet inserts. We recommend using it with a duvet insert or comforters that has corner loops.  

Ready to upgrade your duvet?  Our ethical down comforters are the softest, loftiest, and coziest comforters around - and they will fit perfectly with our Thirdsheet bedcovers.


The Thirdsheet goes on in 3 easy steps: